FAQs About Fortune’s Registration Wall

As of January 13, 2020 
Why do I have to register to view Fortune content? 
When you visit the new Fortune.com, you may be prompted to register to view certain articles or videos. By requiring registration, we are able to offer access to content across our platforms and provide a better experience to our users.

I already subscribe to the newsletter and or magazine, should I register or sign in?
Even if you subscribe to our newsletter or magazine, to access the blocked content on Fortune.com, you will need to register and create an account to access the content. We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible. As we make our systems smarter, we will be sure to notify all registered users.

Is registration free? 
Yes. Registration is free of charge, and gives you access to content on Fortune.com.  
How do I register? 
To register, please fill out all of the fields on the registration form, and be sure to note your user ID and password for future reference.  When you have successfully completed the registration, you’ll be able to read the article or watch the video you landed on. You will also receive a confirmation via email. Users from certain countries are required to confirm their registration via email. 
I’ve already registered. How do I log on? 
If you’ve already registered, simply enter your ID and password in the section at the top of the screen labeled SIGN IN. If you’ve forgotten your ID or password, please sign in with the email you used when registering and click “Forgot Password.” 
I’ve already registered, but why is my account not being recognized? 
Users in some countries need to confirm their registration via email before enjoying access. If your email is not recognized when you Sign in, please re-register, and then check your email (don’t forget the spam folder!) for a message from Fortune@msg.fortune.com and confirm your registration.     
How can I get help if I am still having trouble with registration or accessing content? 
Email us for help at support@fortune.com. We’ll get back to you shortly.